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Warehouse Management

RF/Barcode - Cycle Counts - Physical Inventory

Our cycle count program process lets you automatically select items per your parameters. The results are tracked for audit purposes. You can operate in manual mode or manage cycle counts and physicals by RF/Barcode.

  • RF/Barcode transactions
  • Hard/Soft Allocations
  • Unlimited Warehouses
  • Unlimited stocking locations
  • Quarantine processing
  • Shipping Container Processing
  • Inter-company Transfer Orders
  • Multiple Shipping Processes
  • Lot/Serial/Project/ExpDate Control Options

Ever wish you could easily relate your shipping schedule to production and carry it through to your warehouse and suppliers? Why not have a coordinated execution plan that encompasses sales, production and the warehouse?

You can identify shipping containers (truck, ship, plane, box, etc.), link customer orders to them, and automatically synchronize production and suppliers through our ERP logic. This feature allows creation of consolidated packing lists, bills of lading and invoices.

RF/Barcoding speeds and simplifies warehousing transactions in real time, reducing clerical effort and errors. This provides immediate inventory and order status.