WinMAGI ERP Software

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Bill of Materials & Routing

Complete engineering control.

  • Bills of material and routings
  • Engineering change control
  • In/out effectivity dates
  • Electronic approval process
  • Supports configurable products
  • Component mass replace
  • Same as except capability
  • Phantom part numbers
  • Unlimited parts and levels
  • Unlimited reference remarks
  • Machine and labor standards in pieces/hour or hours/piece
  • User defined decimal precision
  • Link to drawings
  • BOM/routing major error audit
  • “As of” BOM/routing visibility
  • Revision history
  • Supports lead time offsets
  • Supports alternate BOM/routings

The bill of material / routing module maintains the engineering data on both the product and manufacturing process. Bills of material and process routings can be maintained separately or synchronized. In/out effectivity dates control which BOM/routings are synchronized with MRP. In/out dates are tracked and provide the capability to view any BOM/routing as it existed, or will exist, at any point past, present or future.

The engineering change order (ECO) process assures changes are not done prematurely, ECO functionality allows you to discipline the various engineering processes. Use the formal ECO process or the less formal revision process for controlling bill of material and routing changes. Sign offs are made easier by electronic, customizable approval levels that assure ECOs are approved before implementing.

WinMAGI’s use of lead time offsets establishes more precise due dates for parts needed at different times in the assembly process. Alternate BOM/routings provide flexibility in the manufacturing process.