WinMAGI ERP Software

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Accounts Payable

Flexible, fast, simple and secure.

  • Multi currency
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Real-time integration with purchasing and general ledger
  • Real-time matching of any PO receipts to invoices
  • Drill down to PO detail
  • Discount management
  • Recurring vouchers
  • Cash disbursements
  • Multiple aging report formats
  • Check register
  • User defined payment terms
  • Void payments
  • Write-off approval levels
  • Customer defined check forms
  • Miscellaneous payments

WinMAGIs Accounts Payable process allows for the simple but robust management of supplier payments by performing basic tasks very well. User defined disbursement controls shows running totals of account balances and enforces maximum check and/or run amounts.

Flexible features allow for supplier based customization of payment cycles, terms, etc. Intuitive screens reduce the amount of training time required to be productive. Information centers allow users to quickly identify vendor and payment status as well as drill downs to PO or payment detail.