WinMAGI ERP Software

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Finite/Infinite Scheduling

Finite/infinite scheduling with a customized graphical display.

  • Schedules production by capacity and order priority
  • Supports both finite & infinite scheduling options
  • Work center specific shop calendars
  • User defined scheduling routines
  • Integrated With MRP and shop floor control

One push of a button synchronizes production and material schedules. This balances the production plan because both material availability and production requirements are considered.

WinMAGI brings focus to the scheduling process. WinMAGI allows each company to choose where capacity is finitely managed and where infinite loading is a better operational choice. Non-constrained work centers can be scheduled to infinite capacity while bottleneck work centers can be finitely scheduled. Finite scheduling supports Theory of Constraints (TOC).

Orders are displayed as colored bars on top a timeline…just like the white, magnetic schedule boards. Schedules can be simulated until a solution is found. WinMAGI feeds the selected schedule into MRP.