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Inventory Control

Inventory management according to APICS standards

  • Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP
  • Master Scheduling
  • Just In Time – JIT
  • Reorder Point – ROP

The inventory control module consists of the item master file and user defined tables that determine how the system manages inventories. Each item on the master file is defined in detail. Although most companies might only use twenty to thirty fields to describe and control their core business process, well over 100 standard fields are available. The structure can be expanded with user defined fields. You only need to work with the options that support the way you do business – with the rest in reserve.

  • Reorder point processing
  • Period of supply processing
  • ABC analysis
  • Safety stock (days supply or quantity)
  • Group inventory analysis
  • Global field maintenance
  • Multiple forecasting options
  • Order minimum-maximum-multiple
  • Links to drawings and other documents
  • Supports ISO documentation