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Manufacturing Module

Shop floor control, inventory control, material requirements planning, master production scheduling, purchasing, finite/infinite scheduling…..and more. See how the WinMAGI manufacturing module can help you.

WinMAGI - Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Learn more about Inventory Control.


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Learn more about Material Requirements Planning (MRP).


Master Production Scheduling

Learn more about Master Production Scheduling.

WinMAGi - Purchasing


Learn more about Purchasing.

WinMAGI - Bill of Materials & Routing

Bill of Materials & Routing

Learn more about Bill of Materials & Routing.

WinMAGi - Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control

Learn more about Shop Floor Control.

WInMAGI - Finite/Infinite Scheduling

Finite/Infinite Scheduling

Learn more about Finite/Infinite Scheduling.