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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

This technique has been refined since the 1970's and is still at the heart of virtually every serious inventory management philosophy in use today.

  • Balances supply with future demand
  • Automates the creation of new supply orders
  • User regulated inventory levels
  • Simulation – material and capacity

WinMAGI has several attractive features that set it apart from the rest. For instance, running in full regeneration mode does not require other users to get off the system. In addition, planning runs can be made for individual warehouses or projects.

Running modes available:

  • Full regeneration
  • Net change
  • Perpetual – continuous

Order policies supported:

  • Fixed order quantity
  • Lot for lot
  • Period of supply
  • Reorder point
  • Time phased order point
  • Safety stock

Inventory levels are planned according to demand generated by a combination of customer orders, inventory levels, sales forecasts, reorder point and safety stock. Forecasts are developed in the MPS module or imported into the system from outside sources.