WinMAGI ERP Software

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Product Configurator

Selection based configurator configures products at time of entry.

  • Creates and manages configured BOMs and routings
  • Multi-level capability
  • Develops product pricing and costs as options are selected
  • Enforces mandatory and quantity rules
  • Integrated with MRP – optional pegging
  • Remembers configurations for future orders

WinMAGI’s product configurator speeds and disciplines the configuration process. Designed to make the order entry process friendly and flexible, it reduces order entry and engineering workload while shortening the lead time to the customer.

The integrated configuration management routines automatically creates new bills and routings as the customer selects options. Pricing and costs are updated as options are selected. The configurator is multi-level allowing a full set of options to be displayed for higher levels.

Once the process is completed, and the order released, the production side of the house takes over to automatically cover material requirements and production scheduling. The available ship dates can be developed during the configuration process based on material and production capacity. No surprises – just magic.