WinMAGI ERP Software

Affordable ERP software. Highly rated by manufacturers.


Requisition to PO Automation

  • Blanket order creation
  • Identifies pending ECN’s
  • Requisition/approval processing
  • PO’s sent via fax, email, EDI
  • Tracks vendor performance
  • Enforces quality requirements for vendor and receiving
  • Prints multiple P.O. forms
  • Vendor return processing
  • Multiple pricing scenarios
  • Pegging options
  • Tracks history and revisions

The ERP purchasing flow is:

  • Orders are planned to cover customer and production requirements.
  • Messages are created identifying item, priority, and release timing.
  • Orders are reviewed, vendors or quantities changed and approved.
  • Orders are sent to the vendor via fax, email, EDI, or hardcopy.
  • Receiving processes inbound material according to quality specifications.
  • Receiving routes material based on production and customer requirements.
  • Accounts payable is updated from the receiving process.

Vendor Performance sensitivity filters set tolerances for the acceptable number of days a PO is allowed to be early / late. Each receipt of a purchase order automatically updates the vendor’s quality measurement. WinMAGI tracks days early, days late, quantity short, quantity excess, product quality, and completeness of documentation. Each area is assigned a weighted value based on how critical it is to your company.

Vendor returns change previous receipts, prints documentation, updates supply requirements and creates a vendor credit.

Multiple pricing scenarios allow you to take advantage of price breaks, specials, and date sensitive prices in your or vendor currency. WinMAGI tracks pricing trends by part number by vendor.