WinMAGI ERP Software

Affordable ERP software. Highly rated by manufacturers.


Purchased parts/services receipts and manufactured parts completions.

  • RF/barcode capability
  • Over/under receipt control is part and vendor specific.
  • Enforces inspection requirements
  • Prompts if lot, serial number or expiration dates are required
  • Updates purchase and manufacturing orders
  • Identifies fixed stock locations
  • Identifies open stock locations based on size and weight
  • Real time inventory update
  • Automatic allocation/issue to pegged orders
  • Integrated with vendor performance

The receiving process manages product from dock to stock. It advises you of inbound inspection requirements and lot/serial number and expiration date assignments. WinMAGI also advises of urgent sales or manufacturing order shortages.

After the material is ready to move to storage, the system lets the material handlers know where to store the parts, if you use fixed locations. In the case of random storage, WinMAGI suggests the location of the same items already in stock. Alternately, empty locations are identified based on size and weight values.