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RF Barcode

Takes the pain out of factory and warehouse transactions

  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Eliminate error prone manual transactions
  • Improve quality and productivity
  • Low cost / high value
  • Wireless technology WiFi 802.11b/g
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Complete warehousing, inventory and factory transactions
  • User customizable transactions

Big benefits at a remarkably low cost.

WinMAGI’s barcode module uses real-time RF technology to enhance factory productivity and accuracy by eliminating slow and error-prone manual transactions.

The module is delivered with a robust set of transactions to manage your inventory, warehouse and shop floor transactions. Integrates with customer specific shipping labels, inventory labels, WIP tracking, production reporting, etc. Each transaction is subject to user security. Transactions can be created or customized to accommodate changing business needs.

The RF architecture operates under Windows Terminal Services using Microsoft’s Pocket PC terminal services client keeping wireless network traffic at a minimum. Designed for the Intermec 750C mobile data transmission device. However, our architecture supports low cost PDAs to high end RF devices. Integrated fonts allow bar codes to be printed by inkjet, thermal transfer and laser printers.