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Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Servicing customers... real-world conditions

  • Manages customer returns
  • Validates returns against shipments
  • Reason codes by line item
  • RMAs can be adjusted on receipt
  • Credit instructions by line item
  • Credit memo automation based on original selling price
  • Replacement instructions by line item
  • Disposition of return material by line item
  • Prints the RMA authorization

When a customer informs of the need to return a product, WinMAGI’s RMA feature provides everything you need to manage the process. RMAs are validated against original shipments before they are approved for return. Credit, replacement and disposition instructions record specific agreements for each line item returned. RMAs can be adjusted when received if the material is other than anticipated. Credits can be automatically posted to the customer’s account when material is returned.

At the receipt of the RMA, the original sales order can be reopened or a new sales order can be created.

The returned material can be restocked, scrapped or scheduled for rework, etc.