WinMAGI ERP Software

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Sales Order Processing

Servicing your customers, exceeding expectations

  • Multiple pricing methods
  • Multi-level taxation (VAT, GST, etc.).
  • Optional inventory allocation through shipment processing
  • Enforces credit levels
  • User defined customer and order status
  • Order change history at a glance
  • Optional integration with product configurator
  • Multi currency
  • Customer specific order terms
  • Multiple invoice formats
  • Integrated EDI inbound and outbound transactions

The system supports a streamlined order processing setup where orders are entered manually or automatically through EDI. Customer credit limits and past due payments are checked at order entry. Product inventory can be viewed, allocated, shipped and invoiced during the order entry process. Security controls insure actions are performed by authorized personnel.

Extensive notes and/or drawings can be attached to the order to communicate special information to the rest of the organization.

For those of us that relish simplicity – the line item entry layouts can be tailored to individual needs while still supporting the extensive options required by larger organizations. For make to order environments, the system can develop the next best delivery date based on production capacity and material availability. The process is synchronized with MRP to insure a business system balanced between material procurement and production capacity.