WinMAGI ERP Software

Affordable ERP software. Highly rated by manufacturers.


Flexible shipping processes:

  • RF/barcode capability
  • Customer specific shipping labels and invoices
  • Shipping container processing
  • Simulation capability
  • Multiple shipping processes to fit your business needs
  • Integrated EDI capability
  • Shipping schedules and shortage reports
  • Supports RMA processing
  • On time shipment reporting
  • Customized billing projections

Allocate Inventory:

  • Automatically – FIFO
  • Manually
  • Lot or serial number
  • Reallocation of inventory

Inventory can be allocated to emphasize minimal backorders, delivery efficiency, special customer treatment, maximum billings or on time performance. Customer orders can be allocated at the time you need to make the commitment. That can be at order entry, product receipt, picking or loading. And as priorities change, WinMAGI allows reallocation as necessary.

Each day the shipping schedule can be re-prioritized to satisfy your business goals. This makes shortages immediately visible, updates MRP, updates billing projections and monthly metrics.