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Shop Floor Control

Managing the production environment.

  • Schedules production, people and equipment
  • Supports paperless shop orders
  • Identifies material shortages
  • Records direct and indirect labor
  • Manual, interactive or wireless barcode data collection
  • Historical performance reporting by part, operator and operation
  • Allows backflushing of material and/or labor

Shop orders are generated by MRP, MPS, customer orders and manually into a single shop floor control function.

  • Orders are planned to cover customer and production requirements
  • Messages are created identifying item, priority, and release timing
  • Orders are reviewed and released by the planner
  • Schedule revisions are communicated to production real time
  • Accommodates order specific material, process and labor deviations
  • Projected material shortage notification
  • Customer defined shop calendars for manufacturing, receiving and shipping
  • Forward, backward and finite scheduling